Around the world before I die.

Making 1 million friends in the world

To my beloved wife and two daughters,
all the memories are captured in video
and left as a legacy

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Live Awesome Thailand

We broadcast videos of walking tours of various public and cultural attractions that our family took while living in Thailand for 270 days through a live stream 365 days 

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We insert the advertisement you want into the Live stream & Upload videos

It is broadcast live on YouTube and the website, and is exposed to about 100,000 people on average per day.

( As of August 28, 2021 )

Current broadcasting country
1. Korea | Seoul | Busan | all cities
2. Thailand | Bangkok | pattaya
3. Vietnam | Hanoi | Ho Chi Minh
4. Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur
5. Hong Kong
6. Macau
7. Japan | UK | Singapore
(Cooperation Channel)
Broadcasting countries will continue to increase.

Currently Live Broadcasting in 14 cities
Live Streets in the World